Insecta.co.za is a personal non-commercial website. It started off mainly as a showcase for my own photographs of insects but as interest is growing in the site it seems to be snowballing into a general natural history photography site – I’ll let it be to take its own direction and see how it develops although the focal theme will remain Insecta..

At present it is a forum for articles, pictures and news snippets by laymen for laymen. Although intended mainly for the lay entomologist / naturalist and amateur photographer, especially of insects and other small life-forms, the participation of professionals and specialists is of course always welcomed. Photographs and articles on the site are the copyright of their respective authors but most of the material is available to be used for any non-commercial purposes such as school or other educational tasks – all that is necessary is an E-mail requesting permission and of course acknowledgment for the author concerned. It goes without saying that all material is also available for commercial use, however, this needs to be negotiated – drop us an E-mail.