Hunting Insects and How to find Them


Hunting rare insects, beetles and son on, often involves taking unique means to accessing the habitat of the insect. It’s not always possible to reach the environment in which the insect lives. This may some time require extreme measures to reach the locale of your mysterious beetle, caterpillar or arachnid ! Sky Diving is one of the best adrenalin experiences you can have. If you are on holiday visiting the Western Cape, or you live here, this experience is a must. Your flight will take you up to 10,000 feet where you will then jump in tandem out of the plane. Firstly you will enjoy a free fall for approximately 30 seconds, the scariest part! At this time you will be falling at a rate of 200 Km per hour. Skydiving into a remote location is sometimes the only way to gain access to an endangered species in Africa. This is where the adrenalin rush comes in; all you need to remember is to breath. Then your instructor will open the parachute and you will enjoy a much slower decent back to mother earth. This is the best part!  During this decent you will see an amazing view of Cape Town all the way down to Cape Point, Table Mountain, the Harbour and Robin Island. The criteria for this experience is that you must weigh more than 35 Kg and less than 105 Kg, and no prior experience is required. The cost of a tandem skydiving experience varies from R1300.00 to R3500.00.

Sky Diving is not only an experience to be enjoyed in the Cape Town Area, but the Robertson Wine Valley houses one of the oldest Sky Diving Clubs in the country. If you are a wine lover then you can also enjoy the selection of famous wines grown in this area.  The Breede River, which flows through this town also, has lots of fun activities to offer you.

I would like to mention this unique idea even if it is in Europe. Ashanti Backpackers in Cape Town have a fantastic travel centre which offer a huge variety of safari tours and packages. If you ever find yourself in Paris you have to try their indoor sky diving. If you are on your own or visiting together with your family or friends. This experience is a must and it gives you just as much of an adrenaline rush as the outdoor sky diving. Firstly you are required to arrive one hour before you start. When you are on the site you will have to complete and sign an Indemnity form, no worries this is only a standard requirement that everybody has to do. Any minor, under-18 will need a parent or guardian to assist them. You then meet your instructor and are shown a short training video. When your training is complete you will be issued with a jumpsuit that fits over your clothes, a pair of goggles and a helmet. Then you put your gear on and make your way to the flight chamber.                                                                

The principle of indoor sky diving is simply a vertical wind tunnel. When it is your turn to dive you just lean into the air flow and position your body correctly, and up you go; you are flying. You are entitled to two dives of 1 minute duration each, which will be done with an instructor. These two dives can be compared to 3 free fall skydives from 14,000 feet. The first dive allows you to learn how to stabilise your body in the wind tunnel. Then the second dive allows you to test your balance, and if you are up to it you can try a vertical take-off. During these dives your flight is monitored and displayed on a screen in order to assist you in getting into the correct position. During your flight pictures and a video are taken of your performance which you may purchase afterwards.      

However there are certain requirements that need to be adhered to before you can fly.

  • You must weigh less than 115 Kg
  • The only stipulation to age is that you must be older than 5.
  • You are not pregnant.
  • You have no prior shoulder injuries.
  • You are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • You do not have a plaster cast on any limb.
  • Any individual with physical or mental disabilities are welcome but need to be assessed beforehand by the instructor and provide a medical certificate stating their condition.

The introductory flight may last up to 1, 5 hours and the cost will be R1067.00.  So if you are not into the real thing in our beautiful city of Cape Town, you can always head to Paris for this unique way of experiencing skydiving.