Tips On How To Protect Your Wooden Decks From Insects

For many homes with front yards and back yards, a wooden deck is an important part of the exterior décor. They complement the form, shape, and the overall design of the house by negating the appearance of emptiness around the house. They also provide a stellar environment for homeowners to enjoy their surroundings and more importantly, they add value to the house. Wooden decking Pretoria specialize in treated decks and will advise you on how to keep your decks free from pests.


It is also important to note that homeowners can only accrue these benefits when their wooden decks are in tip-top condition. However, achieving this is easier said than done. Wooden decks are exposed to a myriad of natural elements that induce wear and tear. One of these elements are the biological elements, which come in the form insects. Insects such as termites, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees are quite notorious when it comes to destroying homeowners’ wooden decks.


However, this should not be accepted as standard as there are steps that you can take to reduce the presence of insects as well as their effects. Herein are some of the most effective tips you can use to bug-proof your wooden deck.


#1. Use Treated Wood to Construct Your Deck – Protecting your deck begins with the use of high-quality wood. With this in mind, you ought to go for the pressure treated wood or composite woods. These types of wood offer the most resistance to pests as the mentioned pests are incapable of burrowing through these types of wood.


Alternatively, you can use cypress and cedar woods. Wood from these trees is naturally bug-resistance. However, they do not last very long, and thus they will give your deck a shortened lifespan.


#2. Protect The Underside Of Your Wooden Deck – Protecting the underside of your wooden deck is very crucial in keeping bugs at bay. To this end, you should cover the underside of your deck with treated plywood. This reduces the access insects have to your deck. You should also install hanging mesh screen around the deck to further reduce access to your deck. Finally, if possible you should illuminate the deck’s underside with yellow lights that repel bugs.


#3. Apply Wood Stain And Or Vanish – Staining and applying varnish on your wooden deck is primarily done for aesthetic purposes. However, doing so also keep insects at bay, as they are unable to cope with the presence of the unfamiliar chemicals.


#4. Use Liquid Pesticide – Even with the above measures, insects will find their way to your deck. It is thus advisable for homeowners to apply liquid pesticides every now and again. Applying liquid pesticide is especially important as it also kills the invisible eggs that insects may lay on your wooden deck. Effectively, the liquid insecticides reduce the probability of a colony of insect building up in your deck.


These pointers will go a long way in reducing the number of insects that occupy your deck, thus ensuring that no insect can compromise the integrity of your wooden deck. Ultimately, this reduces the long-term cost of having a wooden deck as well as ensures that the deck is safe to use.